Leader in bulk material handling equipment

Spiroflow is a world leader in the processing of dry solids and powders. Our design engineers and process automation team have offered customers the safest, most effective, cutting-edge, and dependable process solutions available for 45 years.

Spiroflow is an early inventor of the flexible screw conveyor, but both we and the range of our products and services have expanded since then. Spiroflow provides engineered solutions, whether it’s a single conveyor or an entire powder handling system with integrated controls, that are intended to address your biggest handling and processing difficulties.

Commitment, Quality, Reliability & Service

Spiroflow conveying and weighing systems are used in a variety of demanding environments and are praised for their exceptional adaptability and long working lives. Spiroflow has the solution for every imaginable handling demand in the fields of food, chemicals, polymers, building materials, and minerals.

Spiroflow Case Studies

Finding Solutions for Complex Bulk Solids Material Processing

Aero Mechanical Conveyor Transfers Spices from Storage to Production

Aero Mechanical Conveyor Transfers Flavored Coffee from Mixer to Packaging

Aero Mechanical Conveyor Streamlines Workflow in Historic Brewery

Spiroflow Discharges & Conveys Fish Food Ingredients

Bulk Bag Unloader Delivers Sugar, Rice & Corn Flour to Packaging Machine

Bulk Bag Unloader Discharges Tea into Tumble Blender Containers