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The Gentle Way to Convey

Cablevey® Conveyors is the leading provider of efficient, gentle conveying technology that preserves the integrity of friable materials on a global scale. With installations in more than 65 countries, Cablevey, a company based in Oskaloosa, Iowa, has been designing, engineering, and maintaining enclosed cable and disc tube conveyors for more than 50 years.

Cablevey was purchased by May River Capital in 2021. While enhancing our capacity to test and enhance new products for our Tier 1 customers in our core food and beverage industries, such as tree nuts, coffee, morning cereal, grains, and pet food, this acquisition upheld the fundamental characteristics already established at Cablevey. Additionally, it increased our ability to handle delicate products in bulk, such as medications, as well as a variety of industrial materials, such as powders, plastics, pellets, and more.

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Cablevey® Conveyors Vission

With our enclosed tube conveyor technology, Cablevey is committed to assisting food processors and manufacturers transport friable materials. We do this to increase profitability, improve worker and plant safety, foster better cleanliness, safeguard material integrity, and save energy. Our conveying systems are easy to install, quick, and affordable to maintain.

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Cablevey® Conveyors has one of the largest video libraries when it comes to moving products.